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Chinese Culture Education and Services (CCES)

is an all-volunteer, non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit organization.

We launched our first Chinese Culture Days program in 1994.

Its success showed us the potential to make a difference in the St. Louis community.

We then set out to unite the local Chinese organizations, by focusing on what we all agreed on - fostering Chinese culture and heritage through a program that is the pride of our community.

With community unity, support from volunteers and local businesses,

our program has been improving continuously.

Every year, when we witness our program's contribution to the cultural diversity of

St. Louis community, we are reminded that


"Together, We Can Make a Bigger Difference".

Our Manifesto


It serves as our moral compass


for the kind of organization we strive to be,


and to reflect our values;


which shall guide us through good and bad times.

The all-volunteer board is made up with people

who are passionate for community service.


All of them served in different organizations

for many years before joining us.


They joined, with one common interest in mind:

to be part of the team in pursue of our mission.

Our Board

Inspired to Make a Difference

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