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Celebrating the Year of the Horse


Dear Friends,


We’re glad that you are able to join us and hope that your visit to the Chinese Culture Days is both rejuvenating and educational.

This year marks the 250th birthday of St. Louis and the 35th anniversary of the Sister City relationship between St. Louis and the city of Nanjing in the People’s Republic of China.  St. Louis is known as the Gateway to the West. The Gateway Arch symbolizes American pioneering spirit and courage. The same spirit and courage did not stop at the west coast. In 1979, visionary leaders in St. Louis pioneered the effort to establish the Sister City relationship with the city of Nanjing to become the first U.S. municipality to have a sister city in the People’s Republic of China. With the same spirit, I expect great achievements from the citizens of this community. We look forward to spending time with you this weekend.


If we can do anything to make your stay more pleasant, please let us know.  Thank you for joining the 2014 Chinese Culture Day Celebration.




Yimin Zhu
Chairperson of 2014 Chinese Culture Days


2014 Chinese Culture Days Visitors: 11,389

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Opening Extravaganza
Gorgeous China
Chinese Acrobats
Dragon Dance
Lion Dance
Taiji and Kungfu
CCES Thank You

Inspired to Make a Difference

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